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Dog training takes time, there is no quick fix. For an older dog that has pulled on leash throughout its life, it can be even more difficult to break. Some popular tv shows will even make it look effortless, but this generally is not the case.

Start out by getting your dog to blow off a little steam and throw a ball in the yard for a few minutes prior to walking. Walking your dog isn’t the best exercise, but through some simple dog training, it can be very mentally challenging. First, start by grabbing some yummy treats your dog never gets (my dogs favorite dog training treat is chicken or hotdogs). I use small pieces so as not to fill them up.

I begin my walk, and every time my dog pulls, I walk backwards. If my dog is very strong I may use a gentle leader. I do not yank my dog, yell at my dog, but simple walk the opposite direction. When my dog realizes where I am and comes to me, I feed a small piece of food. Initially the walk may last 30 minutes and only go a few hundred feet, that’s OK! Is about dog training, not about exercise! Over time your dog will get it, and fewer treats will be required.

Once your dog is nicely walking its important  to reward for that good behavior by praising, letting your dog take breaks to sniff, and of course giving tid bits of food.  Your dog will gain muscle memory and immediately start coming back to you Рbegin to alternate praise and treats.

Remember, dog training is about patience, practice and consistency. There is no quick dog training fix! For more dog training tips, visit the

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