Dog Training Tips: How to Inculcate and Instill Discipline or Obedience In Your Dog – Dog Training Advice

Dog training is a process in which the dog is made to learn to obey the various commands made by his master. These commands may range from saying ‘sit’ to make the dog sit, to saying ‘go’ to make the dog chase some intruder. Dogs can be trained to do various tasks including guarding the house, rescue work, hunting, etc. but domestic dogs are most often trained to guard the house. Their training a wide array of activities, ranging from responding to a door bell to alerting the owner of the house in case of undesirable intrusion.

Dog Training Advice # 1: Train Them Young
The most important dog training advice any individual specializing in the dog training can give you, is to train them while they are young. Like kids, puppies are impressionable at the young age. Therefore, teaching them at this age will make sure that they learn fast and, more importantly, don’t develop any bad habits.

Dog Training Advice # 2: Obedience Training is the Key
Obedience training ensures that your dog grows up to be well behaved, and adjust to any situation. Lack of obedience training in dogs can result in unnecessary aggressive behavior in the canines. Although professional dog trainers can train your dog for you, it’s ideal for you as the owner of the dog, to train the dog yourself. This will help in building a good rapport between you and your pet. Obedience training commands for ‘how to train a dog to sit?’ or ‘how to train a dog to heel?’ should be used in day to day life. One of the most important aspect of dog training is timing, when the dog makes a mistake, make it a point to correct him at that very point of time. This will make the dog relate between the mistake and your attitude. Once you realize that you have been successful in basic obedience training, you can go for more advanced training, such as jumping over the fence or chasing an intruder.

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