Dog Training Tips: Puppy Training Tips- New Puppy Tips For Your New Dog

Puppy training tips are mostly common sense but a few tips are great to have. A big thing to remember here is the age of your puppy. All the training in the world will not sink in for your puppy if it is very complicated. Starting with the basics like the puppy learning their name and responding to you. This can be done with your puppy at play time with you. Puppy’s are just baby’s and so small fun filled play sessions work well.

As early as possible you will want your puppy potty trained, whatever methods you use keep consistent. Puppy needs to go to the potty area, at first ten times a day. While you are praising him for using the right area you can use his name, in this way you are doing both at the same time. Puppy’s love praise, so the more praise they get for the right behavior, they quickly learn that this is a great, and easy, way to get praise from you. Giving your new puppy lots of new situations help’s your puppy grow up into a well adjusted dog that can cope with situations as they arise. By this I do not mean take your puppy on to a main road straight away, with lots of loud traffic but to build up the experience over time.

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