Dog Training Tips Video: Chicago Dog Training with an Aggressive Pitbull

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Sit Means Sit Trainer Darrel Hager works with an extremely aggressive Pitbull. The dog became aggressive after being attacked by a Husky while out for a walk. Darrel is the Head Trainer at the Sit Means Sit Chicago location. Sit Means Sit serves all of Chicagoland with issues ranging from aggression to puppy problems. Also including: bitting jumping soiling the house potty training leash pulling Behavior pitbull aggression door bolting mouthing separation anxiety and other concerns. Please call: 312-618-9663 (Woof) Looking for a dog trainer in the Chicago Illinois area? Visit: Visit Darrel Hager’s blog at The Largest and most successful US based dog training company in the history of the United States Learn about our amazing, waterproof, lifetime guarantee (no strings attached) dog collar: Watch our amazing dog training videos. Nothing like them on the planet, and we even invite you to look around and try to find some!

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